“I was struggling in school and my grades were not good. I now see how I have straight A’s, how smart I feel, and how I can get on the honor roll. I go into class feeling confident. I feel it is easy! I am helping others in class now!”


College Sophomore

“Cheryl introduced me to new creative tools that helped improve not only my reading skills but my comprehension of the material I was reading. She created a fun and unique approach to help me better understand math, English, and science. She does it all, truly.”


“I feel like I care more than I’ve ever cared before. I now know that I can do whatever I set my mind on.”


College Freshman



“J has made such strides in the last year with all the work she did with you and the Davis® Program. Thank you for being a part of her journey and for helping prepare her for great things to come.”

Vanessa N.


“He’s so excited about the progress he’s made. I have seen such a change in him where he is caring about school and work and doing a good job. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"



“She went from being confused, sad, and overwhelmed to self-confident, happy, and excited. She’s thriving now -living life to the fullest.”



“K has made huge improvements now at grade level for both math and reading. I’m beyond proud pf her and I know that all your hard work is paying off.”



“When R mastered his letters, it almost seemed like he had matured a couple of years in just a couple of hours.”